Compatibility AM5

All current Scythe CPU Cooler models are fully compatible with AMD’s socket AM5. Our coolers use the original backplate of the AM5 mainboards for assembly. It is not necessary to change or dismantle the original backplate. The installation process is identical to Socket AM4 in all steps.

Compatibility LGA 1200

All Scythe CPU cooler models that are compatible with LGA 1150, LGA 1151, LGA 1155 and LGA 1156 can also be used on the new LGA 1200 motherboards. No additional mounting clips are required. The assembly process can be carried out using the originally included LGA 115X clips. The installation process is identical.

Compatibility AM4

The current Scythe cooler models are compatible with Socket AM4 and the Ryzen™ processors from AMD™. For models of the last generation, such as the Mugen 4 or Ninja 4, conversion kits are available. The compatibility and availability of the conversion kits depends on the mounting system of the respective CPU cooler. More Details