Scythe adds RGB Illumination to Kaze Flex 120 premium fan series

04.10.2018, Oststeinbek (Germany) – Japanese cooling expert Scythe presents six RGB-enabled Kaze Flex 120 mm case fans. These new Kaze Flex 120 RGB fans combine the outstanding characteristics of the series, including long life span of 120.000 hours, excellent reliability and quiet running with great RGB LED illumination. The fans are equipped with a 4-pin RGB connector, which allows the direct connection to RGB-enabled motherboards and support RGB illumination systems such as ASUS™ Aurora Sync, ASRock™ RGB LED, MSI™ Mystic Light Sync and Gigabyte™ RGB Fusion. Users are able to adjust the illumination by the respective motherboard vendor’s software or other aftermarket 12 volts 4-Pin RGB controllers.

The Kaze Flex 120 PWM case fans became the standard fan for latest Scythe CPU coolers, thanks to their silent and reliable operation as well as great flexibility. New Kaze Flex 120 RGB inherit all the advantages, including the premium-grade self-contained fluid dynamic bearing (Sealed Precision FDB) which assures quiet running and long life span of up to 120.000 hours. Both the bearing and the spindle are made entirely of high quality compressed metal and lubricated by a special oil film resistant to temperatures of up to 250°C / 480°F. The Kaze Flex 120 RGB frame is equipped with black rubber shock-absorbers, which prevent the transfer of vibration.

Bright and consistent illumination of the translucent fan blades is achieved by implementing eight RGB LEDs, which are located around the fan rotor. Users can conveniently control the RGB illumination by connecting the Kaze Flex 120 RGB fan to the 4-pin RGB connector of RGB-enabled motherboards. Supported RGB systems include ASUS™ Aurora Sync, ASRock™ RGB LED, MSI™ Mystic Light Sync and Gigabyte™ RGB Fusion as well as other aftermarket 12 volts 4-Pin RGB controllers. In addition to that, it is possible to loop through another RGB fan by connecting the fan to the 4-pin RGB extension at the end of the cable. Thanks to all these features Kaze Flex 120 RGB fans are perfectly suited to be used as a versatile Case Fan as well as the perfect companion for a CPU Cooler or AIO radiator.

Scythe offers interested users the choice between three models with fixed maximum speed and three models with variable fan speeds thanks to PWM support. The regular Kaze Flex 120 RGB series aims for users who are seeking fans with a fixed fan speed at 800, 1.200 or 1.800 rpm. Kaze Flex 120 RGB PWM on the other hand, offer a wide PWM fan speed range starting at 300 RPM and going up to 800 rpm, 1.200 respectively 1.800 rpm, depending on the model. Users are able to adjust the fan speed curve according to their requirements using the motherboards fan controller.

The Scythe Kaze Flex 120 RGB fans are available as of today in Europe.

Product NameModel No.MSRP
Kaze Flex 120 RGB 800 rpmSU1225FD12LR-RD,95€
Kaze Flex 120 RGB 1.200 rpmSU1225FD12MR-RH,95€
Kaze Flex 120 RGB 2.000 rpmSU1225FD12HR-RN12,95€
Kaze Flex 120 PWM RGB 300-800 rpmSU1225FD12LR-RDP14,95
Kaze Flex 120 PWM RGB 300-1.200rpmSU1225FD12MR-RHP14,95
Kaze Flex 120 PWM RGB 300-1.800rpmSU1225FD12HR-RNP14,95

*MSRP excl. VAT/Taxes.

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