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New webpage for our Spanish customers.

By now it's possible to receive information about the Scythe company in Spanish. At the following adress Sistemas Ibertronica provides all of them to customers and vendors.


Nomination for best product of the year

Once again this year Scythe is proudly able to announce having been nominated for one or more best products of year. Click HERE for Dutch, and HERE for English.


New internet presence for Scythe USA

Following the restructuring process of Scythe USA is a new internet presence as well as a new domain. You are now able to find us under




Intel 1150 compatibility

Measures and mounting procedure will be the same for all Intel socket 115x motherboards. Therefore  all CPU coolers compatible to Intel 1155/1156 socket will also be compatible to Intel 1150 sockets without using additional mounting solutions.



A table with information about the compatibility of Scythe products to the newly released operating system Windows 8 can be found here - Windows 8 & Scythe



Scythe anounces the compatibility of Scythe coolers to the newly released AMD FM2 socket. All current Scythe coolers which are compatible to the FM1 socket can be used with the new FM2, FM2+ in equal measure.



New "Republic of Gamer" boards (Asus) are equipped with the new X-Socket™ system. The X-Socket™ structure allows the installation of LGA1366 compatible CPU coolers on a LGA2011 socket. Benefits are evident: LGA1366 CPU Coolers can be easily migrated to the new board. At present, X-Socket™ comes with  Rampage IV Extreme / Formula Series Mainboards. Presently, Scythe LGA1366 compatible CPU Coolers are tested for their compatibility with X-Socket™ architecture. Scythe CPU coolers found to be compatible with X-Socket™ can be found at:



About Scythe

Scythe is one of the world's leading manufacturers of CPU coolers, graphic card coolers, fans, fan controllers, power supplies, cases and other PC accessories. Operating since November 2002, is headquartered in Tokyo (Japan) and has offices in Oststeinbek (Germany), Los Angeles (USA) and Taipei (Taiwan).

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