Fan Filter Attachment

The Scythe Fan Filter Attachement is the perfect dust protection for the 120 mm fan. Attached to a case fan, it prevents dust gathering inside your case. Concentrating the air flow results in better cooling efficiency. The Fan Filter Attachement can be attached to most 120 mm fans using its’ clips or the included screws.


Increased Air Flow

Thanks to the Fan Filter Atatchement the air flow rate will be optimized. As a general rule air flow is spreading instead of focusing to a certain point needed. With the Fan Filter Attachement air flow will be concentrated leading to higher efficiency. Furthermore dust will be kept out.

Easy to mount

The Fan Filter Attachement can be easily attached to most 120 mm fans, either with its’ clips or with included screws.


Model Name
Fan Filter Attachment
Model Number
20 g
4x mounting screws
Dimensions (W x H x D)
123,5 x 123,5 x 15,5 mm
120 mm Fan
synthetic material

Technical Information