Slip Stream 120 PWM


A new model joins the popular Slip Stream series - a further variant of PWM fans. This Slip Stream 120 PWM can be automatically controlled by a PWM-capable motherboard. The fan speed range begins by 0 (+200rpm) goes up to 1,300 rpm (±10%) while an air flow of up to 74,25 CFM = 126 m³/h  is produced.



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Slip Stream 120 PWMSlip Stream 120 PWMSlip Stream 120 PWMSlip Stream 120 PWMSlip Stream 120 PWM


Model Name:
Slip Stream 120 PWM

Model No.:

Fan Dimensions:
120 x 120 x 25 mm

Fan Speed:
0 (+200 rpm) - 1,300 rpm (±10%)

Noise Level:
0 - 26,50 dBA

Air Flow:
0 - 74,25 CFM = 126 m³/h

117 g

3-Pin (4-Pin Molex Adapter include)

Bearing Type:
Sleeve Bearing

30,000 Hours

Mounted in following CPU Cooler
Mugen 2
Mugen 2 Rev.B


Slip Stream 120 PWM
The new Slip Stream PWM 120 mm fan can work by using a PWM enabled motherboards,which are automatically controlled. Slip Stream 120 PWM fan offers the same features such as the Slip Stream and a silent user can obtain more airflow without sacrificing in noise level.



More Airflow
Compare to a standard 120 mm case fan available in the market, Scythe Slip Stream 120 mm case fan generates more airflow (Approximately 20~40% more).



4-Pin Peripheral Adapter Provided
To be versatile, this case fan comes with the 4-pin peripheral adapter.




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