Scythe Customer Support

Please fill out the below contact form if you have questions regarding compatibility, warranty, or RMA services.

Please send ypour support request by email to and please make sure to provide the following information, to assure fast processing of the inquiries:

  • First name
  • Company / last name
  • Address
  • Your system's Processor
  • Your system's Mainboard
  • Your system's Operating System
  • Scythe Product
  • Purchasing date
  • Shop you purchased the Scythe product from
  • Description of the issue or question

Should you require product samples (for Press/Media), please use the Marketing Contact Form.

Please use our General Contact Form to contact our sales department or to request general info about Scythe.

We can cover queries in German, English, and Russian.
Wir können Anfragen auf Deutsch, Englisch und Russisch bearbeiten (deutsch).
Мы  обрабатываем запросы на немецком, английском и русском языках (на русском).