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Default Zipang vs Kabuto

Hi! What is supposed to be better, Zipang 2 OR Kabuto?

Both are about similar size and weight. The Kabuto is higher, so I would have to remove my airduct. On the other hand, probably I would even have to remove it for Zipang. Kabuto is smaller in width and length, so maybe I would have less problems installing it on my Gigabyte ga-ma790x-ud4-e ?

I have an AMD Athlon X2 Dual-Core 7750 BE, and it is possible that one day I would like to overclock it. Kabuto does cool the CPU better than Zipang, doesn't it?

Another apect is the silence. Will Kabuto be as silent as Zipang when using PWM?

Or what about Andy Samurai Master? It is lightweight and smaller then kabuto and zipang..

Or is it even better to use a tower like Mugen 2?
You see, I have many questions.. What are better tower or topflow cooler?
I have a 120mm fan on the backside of the case and a power supply with a big fan on his bottom.

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i want to give you short points:


better mainboard compatibility, higher noise level as zipang 2, Slip Stream Fan

Zipang 2: low noise cooler, VTMS Mounting, Kaze Maru fan

Performance Difference depends on load: 2-3°C

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Thanks for answering!

Meanwhile I realized that I cannot install a tower cooler like the Mugen because of the AM2+ retention module on my mainboard. (picture)
It ist vertical and therefore the fan would blow in the false direction :-(
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With Mugen 2 on AM2(+)/AM3 the wider side of the cooler always is parallel to the ATX I/O shield so you can arrange a classic airflow from front through Mugen 2 to the rear fan.
- All comments relating to mainboard / cooler / case compatibility are based on "best guess". -
- Aussagen zur Kühler-Kompatibilität basieren auf unverbindlicher, persönlicher Einschätzung. -

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Thanks @all!

I just installed the Kama Angle B and am stressing the cpu for half an hour now (AMD Athlon X2 7750 black edition). The temperature is at 49°C. Have to say that today is the hotest day in germany with more than 35°C and my room has at least 25°C now.

I think it's time to think about overclocking ;-)
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