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Default All-Scythe Project

Hello everyone,
I'm Max from italy

and I will present my project all-scythe 1155:

in fact the pc had to be to my cousin, who then changed his mind, and then for various vicissitudes have delayed the build until I ... sold off!!

Anyway here is the list of components, a bit dated, but still good:

CPU : intel i5-2500T Quadcore 35Watt TDP
MOBO : MSI P67A-C45 1155 ATX
MSI VGA : MSI GTX680 2Gb Twin Frozr
RAM : 12gb ddr3 Patriot 1333 MHz (up to 1600 mhz, of course)
SSD: Intel X25-m 160 GB
HDD: WD Caviar BLue 4 x 7200rpm
DVD: Samsung sata 2 DemCiflex classic magnetic Filters Filter case

Scythe Peripherals
CASE : Scythe Ikazuti Black
PSU : Scythe Stronger plug-in modular 600W
CPU COOLER : Scythe Kotetsu
RAM COOLER : Scythe Kama Wings
HOT SWAP : Scythe easy mobile rack
CARD READER : Scythe Kama floppy 3.5 (floppy not connect)
RHEOBUS: Scythe kaze chrono
SPEAKER: Scythe kama bay speaker
VENTOLE : Scythe (various from slipstream to kaze)
SSD Support: Scythe bay rafter 2.5"

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here's Ikazuti, beautiful solid,
that he surprised me for his aggressive and granite look, a product that a few years ago is really distinguished from the mass of cases that populated the market.
inside I put the scythe fans that I had in the Case to complete the entire air cooling

and then Kotetsu on MSI P67

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we move quickly to fully assembled system, the pictures are just the main ones

the kama wings are the real icing on the cake

and then the cable management, which I have tried to treat as much as possible, as Always

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Finally, two photos of the closed Ikazuti...

..and enlightened system.

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What to add?

I think there is no other "all scythe" project in the world, probably!

scythe excellent products, the Stonger was big PSU (one of the first to have a bronze efficiency at low loads!
scythe no longer produces cabinet and psu, what a pity!

thanks to Damiano, the director of Cooling, for support, and for the provision of coolers, when there was the genesis of the project.

Thanks all for the attention.
Greetings from Italy


p.s. I leave you link to one of my other old single-brand build: Arctic Cooling project

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