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Default CPU overheating

hi i have an Scythe
"SAMURAI-Z Rev.B" 2Heat Pipes CPU Cooler and i use it with a phenom x6 1100t in idle the cpu temp is around 38 degrees with qfan desabled from the bios but when start prime 95 the cpu temp get really hot 61 most but i stop it becuse i dont want my cpu to get burn( all six cores at 100%. I dont know if its a cooler problem or this cooler is not for this cpu the cpu temp remanes at 38 c on idle thanks
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Hello Mixalisfr,

if you stressing the CPU with Prime95, how long it takes until the CPU have 61° degrees? Do you over clocked your CPU? Which is the maximum temperature you get, if you stressing the CPU.
(You can test the CPU to a maximum of 75°C Core temperature - without damage the CPU.)

The Phenom X6 1100T have a TDP of 125W. The Samurai Z Rev.B was designed in 2004 / 2005 and the TDP of your Phenom X6 1100T is a little bit to much for this cooler.

But you can control, if the cooler is correctly installed.

Which temperature have the CPU if you play games ?
Prime95 is a worst cases scenario - and this don't be happens very
often (only if you video converting). Which temperature you have during gaming?
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Greetings everyone

I know this is a very old thread (4 years old) and the cooler is discontinued but I wanted to include my experience in case someone wants to use his samurai cooler in an old build with a phenom x6 cpu.

I recently got a used phenom x6 1090t so i decided to upgrade my old build with it. I only had a samurai z cooler with am3 compatibility so i decided to give it a try to see how it goes.

My temperatures are almost the same as Mixalisfr states with idle 38-40 and max temp being 61°C. Following the amd documentation this is within the limits so it is considered as ok. Its not great but its ok.
I have to note that 61° is under a lot of stress (worst case scenario) with Prime95 or playing Battlefield 1 with cpu at almost 100%.
-Room temperature is 26-30°C (its summer) ,
-Pc ambient temperature is around 30-32
-Cpu paste is thermal grizzly kryonaut
-Cpu is at stock speeds
-In browsing cpu temperatures are within 43-52 C

As a conclusion i would say its pretty impressive that an older design cooler like Samurai Z can perform this good with an 125W CPU. Even in summer this cooler seems adequate for cooling an X6 phenom that is not overclocked. However due to to the near-limit temperatures I probably wouldn't try overclocking with this one.
Owner of
- Samurai Z Rev.B cpu cooler
- Kaze Master II fan controller (KM05-BK)
- 4 x Slip Stream case fans (SY1225SL12H)

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overheating, pnom 1100t, samuraiz

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