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Default Ninja 2 dimensions

Please find the attached image with the most important dimensions.

Please be aware that there could be minor differences due to fault tolerances during the manufacturing process.
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huge thanks for these measurements. REALLY helpful! One question though:

As shown in figure 2, the distance of the bottom fin to the heatsink's base, is 34mm. In the xbitlabs review they say "the distance from the mainboard PCB to the lowest heatsink plate measures 42mm." (see link below)

Scythe NINJA 2: Japanese "Samurai" Three Years Later (page 4) - X-bit labs

If both measurements are correct, that should mean that the installed cpu in an intel775 socket is 8mm higher than the pcb! This seems a bit too much. Please double check if possible. My northbridge hsf is about 38-40mm high, so in case you meant the fin is at 34mm from the mainboarb pcb maybe I should consider buying a new northbridge cooler too. Otherwise the ninja2 doesn't seem likely to fit my motherboard (msi p4n sli-fi).

thank you in advance!

EDIT: If possible, please measure the distance from the bottom of the cooler's fan until the mainboard's pcb. This way a lot of users (among them myself) will be able to estimate if the fan will be higher enough from the ram dimms. thanks again

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Hello zahtar,

our 34 mm are measured from the coolers base to the first fins. Installed on the Mainboard the distance between pcb and the first fins should be arround 40 nm.

But you should have no Problems on you mainboard to fit the Ninja 2.

Kind Regards

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My nb heatsink with its fan is between 37-38mm. So this part will be ok. My ram dimms are about that high too, so since the fan hangs a bit lower than the bottom fin, I guess that it will be a close fit. Otherwise maybe I can mount the fan upwards, so it blows air towards the psu.

Thanks again!

UPDATE: thought I mentioned it back then, but anyway here goes now:
Installation for the p4n sli-fi motherboard went fine. No problem with the northbridge cooler. I am using ram without heatsinks, so the cooler's fan has a distance of about 1mm from the ram pcb. If I had a taller ram dimm, I should have placed the fan on another side of the ninja heatsink.

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Default Mugen 2 LGA1156 Conversion Kit for Ninja 2

It is possible to work the Mugen 2 LGA1156 Conversion Kit for my ninja2?
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Hi Dubuka,

Basically you need the Clips and the backplate of Mugen 2 (1155 same as 1156) to do that. The person who is usually taking care of such matters has a cold, so I need to get back to him, yet this would be around 8th March. Is it possible to wait? I'd need to know where you are from via personal message in this forum?

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i try it next time
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