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Hi Italian man!,

Thanks for your message. I would like to give you some straight answers on this matter. First of all, you can check reviews which show that mUgen 2 is maybe 2°C lower or same with IFX, so this is already not correct. The next thing that you can compare is the price, where Mugen 2 is always a lot cheaper than IFX, which means a way better price-value ratio inf act.

You might be aware that we have engineers and test a lot, but don't show many many samples which we do not accept as a Scythe qualified product. As a matter of fact we did show samples on CeBIT 2009 of Mugen CPU Cooler with 8mm heatpipes and those without a baseplate but plainly direct touching heatpipes. This should already answer your question, but I just explain it.

First of all, 8mm heatpipes are not exactly better in any way nor is the direct contact of heatpipesany better, because it is a matter of how you design and use it. In our case, it was not better in the concept, indeed after the tests we made Mugen 2 which was the outcome of the tests.

The bottom line is that we test a lot and if the design is not benefiting and just is mor expensive, then there is no sense in making it. Other brands can make expensive and non-efficient coolers, we try to give endusers the best thing they can buy for lowest prices. I think this helps everyone =D
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