Skylakesystemen Informations

Japanese cooling expert Scythe announces a change of the mounting system for Skylake / Socket 1151 on several coolers of its portfolio. All coolers are compatible with Skylake sockets in general, but bear the possibility of damage to CPU and motherboard in some cases where the PC is exposed to strong shocks (e.g. during shipping or relocation). This problem particularly involves only coolers which will mounted with the H.P.M.S. mounting system*. To prevent this, the mounting pressure has been reduced by an adjustment of the mounting set. Of course, Scythe is going to ship a new set of washer to every customer completely free of charge! To apply for the free washer set, please send your request via e-mail to or use the contact form on our website.

*only the following coolers are affected by the Skylake issue:
Mugen 4 & Mugen 4 PCGH-Edition



LGA 2011-3 Compatibility

Since the attachment for the cooler based to LGA2011-3 LGA2011 Intel remained unchanged, all Scythe models, which are compatible with LGA2011 can also be installed on the new LGA2011-3 for Haswell-E processors.



USB Foot Switch II software update available

A new version of the USB Foot Switch II software is available. Minor bug fixing, stability and device detection has been improved. The download can be run directly on the product page or through the link below.

Download LALA V2.32



Compatibility Socket FM2

All Scythe products compatible to the AMD FM1 socket are compatible to motherboards fitted with the AMD FM2, FM2+ sockets as well and can be mounted without concern.





Intel 1150 compatibility

Measures and mounting procedure will be the same for all Intel socket 115x motherboards. Therefore  all CPU coolers compatible to Intel 1155/1156 socket will also be compatible to Intel 1150 sockets without using additional mounting solutions.




Socket Compatibility LGA 2011

For the socket LGA 2011, Intel specifies two different formats: SQUARE ILM & NARROW ILM. The spacing between the mounting screw positions for the Square  ILM is 80 x 80 mm, for the Narrow ILM 56 x 94 mm. Please note that all Scythe products stating compatibility to LGA 2011 refer ONLY to mainboards fitted with SQUARE ILM (80 x 80 mm spacing).



Windows 8 Compatibility of Scythe Products

HDD-Accessory USB-Connectivity Remarks
Kama Dock (SCKDC-1000) without problems none
Kama Connect 3 (SCUPS-4000) occasional problems

Depending on the combination of connected devices, unstable operation might be encountered.

Bay Accessory USB-Connectivity Remarks
Kama Reader Jr.
without problems none
Kama Panel 3 (SCKMPN-3000) without problems none
Input-Devices USB-Connectivity Remarks
USB Foot Switch 2 (Single, Double, Triple) without problems Compatible Programme-software
from LALA V 2.31
Other Accessory
USB-Connectivity Remarks
USB 3.0 CF Reader (SCCFR-1000) without problems none




Mugen 4 & Mugen 4 PCGH-Edition fan mounting


This short video shows Mugen 4 & Mugen 4 PCGH-Edition fan mounting.


Installation Mugen 3


This short video shows the installation of the Mugen 3 (sockets 775/1150/1155/1156/1366). For Mugen 2 Rev.B and Ninja 3 the same procedure applies.


The baseplate

Dear customers,

since there have been some questions regarding the material of the CPU-cooler baseplates, here is some short information. There have been rumors around, that Scythe is using aluminium due to cheaper prices - this is just plain wrong. 

Due to its high susceptibility to oxidation, copper tends to change the surface colour during the long transport from the factory to our distributors. There is no satisfactory way to avoid this optical change. Because of this, all Scythe CPU coolers produced from the beginning of 2008 have a baseplate still consisting of copper, but they are now nickel-plated.