Micro USB Cable Strap - for Smartphones

In our age and time of mobile communication, life wtihout these "little helpers" to be reached anywhere and any time is simply unthinkable. Charging the smartphone or transferring data to and from the PC or notebook requires a cable - something one usually doesn't have handy when needed. This is where the Scythe Micro USB Cable Strap enters the stage: With its' loop (strap) in can be hooked onto the mobile phone to always be there when required. The extremely compact dimesions ensures hassle-free "telephoning" and storage of the phone in your pocket.

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Micro USB Compact-CableMicro USB Compact-CableMicro USB Compact-CableMicro USB Compact-CableMicro USB Compact-CableMicro USB Compact-CableMicro USB Compact-Cable


Model Name:
Micro USB Compact Cable Strap

Model Nummer:

35 x 16 x 9 mm / 1,38 x 0,63 x 0,35 inch

Cable Length:
55 mm / 2.17 inch

5g / 0,18 oz

USB plug typ A and Micro-B USB plug

USB 2.0

Micro USB Compact-Cable presentations video


Extremely Compact Size
With its' "micro"- size, the Scythe Micro Compact Cable Strap  is the ideal companion for people on the move. Providing that the mobile phone or its' case comes with a strap-hole, the Micro Compact Cable Strap can be attached without being in the way when making calls or otherwise using the phone.


Long Micro-B USB Plug
To be able to connect mobile phones "packed" in protective cases without removing those, the Micro-B USB plug is designed especially long, sporting 7 mm.


Data Transfer & Charging

The Micro USB Compact Cable Strap allows charging of the mobile device as well as data transfer at the same time. Using the mobile phone as a modem for notebooks is therefore unlimited and not dependant on the battery state of the device.