Kaze Master 5.25" Fan Controller

The Kaze Master 5.25 is practical fan controller unit boasting various "extra functions" like temperature monitoring with an alarm feature, and the choice of Celsius or Fahrenheit display. Fans can be controlled between 3.7 - 12 V and also completely turned off. The unit neatly fits into the 5.25" bay.


Model Name:
Kaze Master 5.25 (5.25inch Version)

Model Number:
KM01-BK (Black)
KM01-SL (Silver)

Scythe Co., Ltd. Japan

148.5 x 42.5 x 63 mm / 5.85 x 1.67 x 2.48 in (WxHxD)

Display Dimensions:
114 x 20 mm / 4.49 x 0.79 in

Length of the control dial:
12 mm / 0.47 in

DC Input:
5V or 12V (From PC Power Supply)

Fan Adjustment Range:
3.7V (±10%) ? 12V (±10%)

Fan Channel:

Maximum Fan Ampere per Channel:
1A per channel

Fan Speed Range:
0 ??7500rpm (Display Range: 30rpm Incremental)
?Package indicates the maximum range as 9990rpm, but the actual range is 7500rpm.

Temperature Module Channel:

Temperature Range:
0 ? 100°C / 32 ? 199.9°F

Measurement Frequency:
Every 2 Seconds

165g / 5.82 oz



Fan Controller and Temperature Monitor Features
Kaze Master is able to control and monitor up to 4 fans, and 4 temperature monitor independently. These figures are displayed on VF-Display.

Passive Safety - Safe Alarm Feature
To safely monitor and run your system, Kaze Master comes with the alarm feature to inform the user in case of fan malfunction. Also if the temperature goes above 75°C (165F), or in case of the temperature sensor failure, VF-Display will blink the number "0" or "0.0" and trigger the alarm sound. The alarm sound disturbs you? You can even shut down the alarm sound by a simple jumper setting!

2-Way Temperature Display
Both Celsius and Fahrenheit unit can be displayed by a simple jumper setting!

Fan Stop Function
By turning the knob to counter-clockwise all the way, the fan can be stopped.

Wide Variable Voltage to Control Fans
You can control fans between 3.7V – 12V to meet your needs for system requirement. By setting the voltage to the lowest level can silence your PC or turn it up to the highest to get the maximum cooling performance.