F.M.S.B.4 - Flip Mount Super Back-Plate 4

The design of  the  F.M.S.B.4 - Flip Mount Super Back-Plate 4 - is based on experience and designs of its' predecessors - the result being an even more versatile, more widely compatible back-plate. The light, slim structure with its' many notches makes it possible for the user to enjoy almost unlimited compatibility with common motherboards.





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Model Name:
Flip Mount Super Back-Plate 4 - F.M.S.B.4


Measurments (L x W):
105.7 x 92.05 mm  / 4.16 x 3.6 in

Thickness  ("rubber" corners):
4.6 mm / 0.18 in

Thickness  (middle portion):
2.87 mm / 0.11 in

48g  / 1.69 oz


High Socket-Compatibility

The F.M.B.S.4 Back-Plate is equipped with mounting options
for a variety of sockets:

a) Socket LGA1366
b) Socket LGA1150/1151/1155/1156
c) Socket LGA775
d) Socket AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, FM1, FM2(+)



High Motherboard-Compatibility

Its' slim structure with numerous notches allows mounting on various kinds of motherboards, bypassing protruding screws and pins.




Three layer design

The F.M.S.B.4 consists of three "layers" - the main steel body, an insulating plastic sheet to prevent possible short curcuits, and a 1.8mm / 0.07 in layer of foam rubber on each "corner" to prevent possible damaging of pins.