Quiet Drive - HDD Noiseless Case

High Performance Fanless Hard Disk Case! Quadruple Sealing Case Structure! Double Heat Diffusion Method!

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Quiet DriveQuiet DriveQuiet DriveQuiet DriveQuiet DriveQuiet DriveQuiet DriveQuiet Drive


Model Name:
Quiet Drive

Model #:

Scythe Co., Ltd. Japan

145 x 198 x 36.5 mm / 5.71 x 7.8 x 1.44 in

Hard Disk Type:
Parallel & Serial ATA

Case Bay:
Standard 5.25" Bay

860 g / 30.34 oz

Core Structure:
Quadruple with Double Noise Reduction, Heat Diffusion & Anti-Vibration

Double Heat Diffusion Method + Thermal Conductive Sheet

Float Mounting Method

Recommended Direction to Install a HDD:
Original Quote from Mr. Henrique Atzkern, Senior Field Application Engineer at Seagate Technology LLC:
"Die Vorgaben für die Einbaulage wurde aus unseren Handbüchern bereits vor mehreren Jahren entfernt. Alle heutigen Festplatten sind in beliebiger Lage einsetzbar. Die Hersteller testen aber nur in den Grundeinbaulagen, d.h. mit dem Elektronikboard oben, unten und auf den beiden Seiten."

English Translation of the above original quote:
Restrictions concerning the direction to install a Hard Disk has been removed from our manual for years ago. All the actual Hard Disk can be installed in any directions as a user wishes. As a manufacturer, we are testing only the standard positions (PCB part facing the top or the bottom side) which seem to be the most commonly used positions by users.

Installation Manual:
Quiet Drive Manual (English/French/German)


Quadruple Core Structure
Covering the Hard Disk with double casing structure, providing the large-size high performance thermal conductive sheet for efficient heat diffusion, and built-in anti-vibration rubber to form the quadruple structure for meeting every user's needs.

High Performance Thermal Conductive Sheet
By using the high performance thermal conductive sheet, the Quiet Drive gives a high cooling efficiency.

Anti-Vibration & Noise Absorption Rubber
By using the rubber material, both the uncomfortable Hard Disk spinning noise & vibration are absorbed.