Kama FLEX 135 Series

By applying the new Kama FLEX 135 mm fan, wider area can be cooled compared to 120 mm fans while keeping low noise and high airflow. Screw hole is compatible to 140 mm case fan. Fan is equipped with S-FDB bearing. The S-FDB carries a surface contact mechanism for improved anti-shock. A lifetime of 120,000 hours is achieved by using sealed structure (Patented) and high-quality materials.

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Model Name:
Kama FLEX 135

Model No.:
SA1325FDB12L (800 rpm)
SA1325FDB12M (1,200 rpm)
SA1325FDB12H (1,600 rpm)

135 x 135 x 25mm / 5.31 x 5.31 x 0.98 in

Fan Speed:
800 / 1,200 / 1,600 upm (±10%)

Noise Level:
16 / 23.2 / 33.1 dBA

Air Flow:
49.8 / 75.6 / 100.5 CFM
84.6 / 128.44 / 170.74 m³/h


200 g / 6.45 oz.


3-Pin (4-Pin Molex Adapter include)

Bearing Type:

Input Power:
0,72 W / 1,14 W / 3,36 W

Input Current:
0,06 A / 0,12 A / 0,28 A

Voltage Range:
12 V

120.000 Hours


S-FDB Bearing
The noise of ball bearing lies in a frequency range where human ears recognize them as unpleasant, but ynamic pressure based on non-contact bearing eliminates sliding noises and reduces unpleasant noise level.



Anti-Shock Ability
Conventional ball bearing carries a point contacting structure for the rotation, which gives point supporting situations at dropping impact leading to damaged ball surface allowing cause of irregular noises. The S-FDB carries a surface contact mechanism for improved anti-shock.



Long Life
The S-FDB has a sealed structure (Patented) which gives improved oil carrying ability for 120.000 hours long life.