GlideStream 120 PWM

Scythe GlideStream 120 PWM series combines the proven "small hub & wide blade" design concept with neat, new ideas: Grooved fan blades contributing to even less air resistance, and mounting holes fitted with rubber inlays in order to minimize unpleasant vibration noise. This series comes in nine different rotation speeds, two of them being PWM models (1300 rpm & 1900 rpm), and so offers a suitable fan for various needs.

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GlideStream 120 PWMGlideStream 120 PWMGlideStream 120 PWMGlideStream 120 PWMGlideStream 120 PWMGlideStream 120 PWMGlideStream 120 PWMGlideStream 120 PWM


Model Name:
GlideStream 120 mm PWM Fan

SY1225HB12SH-P - End of Life

120 x 120 x 25 mm / 4.72 x 4.72 x 0.98 in

Fan Speed:
0 + 300 rpm ~ 1300 rpm ± 10%
300 ± 300 rpm ~ 1900 rpm ±10%

Noise Level
0 - 26.1  dBA
5.0 - 36.3 dBA

Air Flow:
0 - 73.39 CFM
16.40 - 108.83 CFM

12 V

115 g / 4.05 oz
127 g / 4.47 oz

4-pin (3 to 4-pin Molex-Adaptor included)


Bearing Type:
Sleeve Bearing

30.000 hours

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NEW - special fan blades
In order to keep air resistance to a minimum, the fan blades                           
have been fitted with unique grooves.






All fans of this series have the mounting holes fitted with rubber inlays to keep unpleasant vibration noise at a minimum.





The pwm-model (Pulse-width modulation) of the new GlideStream-series. By using a pwm-capable motherboard, this fan can be controlled automatically. This function allows a more flexible rpm regulation, making it more convenient for the user. With the included adaptor, the Grand Flex 120 PWM can also be used without making use of the pwm function.

A short presentation video of the GlideStream series