GentleTyphoon 92 mm

The new Gentle Typhoon case fans are available in 92 and 120 mm. They are characterized by a special pleasant noise level. The special design of the fan blades as well as the double vibration structure of the motor generates little noise paired with high performance.

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GentleTyphoon 92GentleTyphoon 92


Model Name:
Gentle Typhoon 92 mm Fan

D0925C12B1AP-12 (1,700 rpm)
D0925C12B2AP-13 (2,150 rpm)
D0925C12B3AP-14 (2,650 rpm)

Nidec Servo Corporation (Japan)

100 g / 3.53 oz.

92 x 92 x 25 mm / 3.6 x 3.6 x 0.98 in

Technical Data:
1,700 rpm: 0.03 A - 13 dBA - 44 m³/h
2,150 rpm: 0.046 A - 20 dBA - 58 m³/h
2,650 rpm: 0.078 A  - 26 dBA - 71 m³/h

Bearing Type:
Double Ball Bearing

100,000 h / 35°C or 60,000 h / 60°C
*2,650 rpm Model 55,000 h / 60°C

3-Pin (4-Pin Molex Adapter include)

Static Pressure (P/Q Curve)


High Performance:
The GentleTyphoon achieves high airflow volume and low noise with the newly designed impeller, enabling silent cooling of the latest devices which run very hot.

Silent Operation:
The GentleTyphoon has a different type of tone. The fan propeller is designed to reduce the disturbing frequency fan noise to human ears.

Innovative Technology:
The newly designed motor and motor support mechanism of the GentleTyphoon uses a double vibration reduction structure. The new support mechanism uses coil dampers to greatly reduce vibration.

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