Mugen 5 PCGH Edition

Kotetsu Mark II


The Byakko is the newest model in our expending series of easy to install and compact cooling solutions. A height of only 130 mm, the asymmetrical positioning of the base plate and the overall compact dimensions result in a highly compatible cooler without sacrificing performance.

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Ninja 4

The new Ninja Model features significant improvements. The new lamellar structure and the rearrangement of the heatpipes improves the cooling performance compared to its predecessor. The Ninja 4 comes with a new GlideStream 120 PWM model. This fan provides the ability to limit the maximum speed and allows the user to choose between extremely quiet operation or maximum power.

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Kodati Rev.B

The new revision of the Scythe Kodati, as one of the first cooler on the retail market, offers the possibility of mounting on base AM1 (FS1b) motherboards. Therefore, it is now possible to replace the stock cooler (the AM1 APU) against a much more powerful and silent model. Its ultra-slim and compact design makes it ideal for use even in the smallest packages. This makes it ideal for mini-ITX or NAS systems.

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The new Kotetsu - its' looks reminding us a lot of the Ashura - is based on a totally different concept: The user with the tighter budget. Therefore, it comes fitted with "only" four heatpipes and a 120mm fan. Still equipped with the latest H.P.M.S. (Hyper Precision Mounting System), and the "Narrow Fin" design, it is ready to cool the new, less heat-generating haswell processors easily.


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Katana 4

Katana 4 combines the compact dimensions of its predecessors with a new modern design resulting in improved cooling performance. For the first time, a new Clip-System is launched, providing even higher user-friendliness and durability. Compared to its' predecessor Katana 4 provides better cooling performance.

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Big Shuriken 2 Rev. B

The Update of Big Shuriken, equipped with an additional 6 mm Heatpipe as well as an additional row of fins. This way, cooling efficiency could be significantly increased. By keeping the height of 58 mm compatibility especially with HTPCs (Home Theater Personal Computers) and computer systems with restricted dimensions could be preserved. In addition higher compatibility with new generation chipset motherboards was established by inventing F.S.M.B.4 (Flip Mount Super Back-Plate 4) mounting system. Rev. B provides compatibility with the new Intel LGA2011 socket.

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Mugen 5 Rev.B

Kabuto 3

Designed as a top-flow model and equipped with three 8 mm and two 6 mm heatpipes, the Kabuto 3 provides excellent cooling performance despite its compact dimensions. This design also allows the cooling of surrounding components on the motherboard which increases system stability and lifetime. The Easy Clip Mounting System offers fast and simple installation on all compatible sockets.

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Grand Kama Cross 3

The new Grand Kama Cross 3 isn‘t just a remake, relying on its’ unique X-structure design. It provides significant improvements, such as two 8 mm heatpipes and an optimized shape of cooling fins for better cooling performance. With its approved X-structure it guarantees maximum compatibility to mainboards and cases.

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Scythe engineers took a totally new direction when setting out to blow life into the brand-new Ashura cooler. Main objective: Compact dimensions without sacrificing cooling efficiency. Helping to realize this goal is a one of the new GlideStream 140mm fans, plus an all-new mounting system.The asymmetrical positioning of the base plate realizes high compatibility to current motherboard sockets while minimizing the risk of memory modules with tall heat sinks coliding with the Ashura.

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Tatsumi Type A

Now compatible with 1366! Only 64mm height, making it ideal for PCs with slim chassis with high performance CPUs. Introducing a newly developed 100 x 100 x 12 mm PWM fan, high airflow rate is achieved while maintaining the overall low profile. Easy installation without any tools. Lightweight with 3 Heatpipes. Optional 92mm fan.

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Compact fan developed for use in Multimedia PC (HTPC). With the installation of a 80 x 80 x 10mm sized PWM fan positioned below the fins, the total height of the cooler has been reduced significantly. Recommended for processors up to 65 Watt TDP. Usage up to 95 Watt TDP only with maximum rpm!

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