Kama Bay AMP Kro

The powerful Yamaha IC is built into a completely re-designed interior of Kama Bay AMP Kro, and can completely unfold its phonetic precision. The small Class-D amplifier can be used internally or externally and with its' nicely finished aluminium front design Kama Bay AMP Kro will find its' place in every ambience.

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Kama Bay AMP KroKama Bay AMP KroKama Bay AMP KroKama Bay AMP Kro


Model name:
Kama Bay AMP Kro

Model No.:

2 Ch. + 3.5 mm Headphone

Cinch (2 Ch.)

Power IC:


Max. Output:
10 W x 2 Ch.

Max. Efficiency:
88% (8 Ω / 10 W)

S/N Ratio:
103 dB (Headphones: 95 dB)

Distortion Rate:
0.02% (1 KHz / 8 Ω)

50 mW * 2 Ch.

152 x 113 x 41 mm (5.98 x 4.45 x 1.61 in)

480 g (15.49 oz)

Scope of delivery:
1 x Kama Bay AMP Kro Amplifier, 2 x 2 m Speaker Cable, AC Adapter, PCI Bracket Screws, 4-Pin Peripheral Adapter, PCI Bracket (2x), Mounting Screws, Audio Cable (Stereo Mini - Cinch / Cinch - Cinch), Speaker connection cable


Quality High Performance YAMAHA IC Chip
In order to create high quality sound and not to compromise in sound quality, YAMAHA YDA138 chip and a completely new PCB design is built into this amplifier for pure audio enjoyment. Conceived as Class-D amplifier it is powerful and energy saving at the same time with lower heat production than conventional amplifiers.



Luxury Appearance
Not only the sound yet front panel and entire material are built high quality to create luxurious appearance! Gold plated Cinch jack and speaker terminals to provide pure audio enjoyment.



External or Internal Usage
Built it into your PC case to create a high quality sound or use it as external amplifier for your home theater system.



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Oktober 2010 TNT-Audio Italia