5.25inch Boom Box for your PC

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Scythe Co., Ltd (Tokyo, Japan) announces the 5.25inch boom box for PC system.  This 5.25inch build-in type bay speaker provides a quality stereo sound despite of its restricted dimension and power.  Quad build-in concaved shaped speakers to maximize the sound power.  Black, silver and white colors are available to match with your PC case front panel, and silver finished speaker doom to provide the luxury appearance to your PC system.  Volume controller and power ON/OFF switch are build-in as an extra feature.  Still suspicious in the quality of this speaker sound?  Try it for your own to hear the sound and feel the quality of this 5.25inch bay boom box!!  For further details and specifications of this item, please refer to the below.


Model Name:
Kama Bay 5.25inch Speaker

Model Number:
SCBS-1000-BK (Black)
SCBS-1000-SL (Silver)
SCBS-1000-WH (White)

148.5 x 100 x 42.5mm (WxDxH)

1.5W + 1.5W (Stereo)

Speaker Type:
2 Channel with Build-In Amplifier

Speaker Unit:
1.25inch Concave Shape Metal Type

Input Connecter:
Stereo Mini Plug (3.5mm)

Power Source:
DC 12V (4-Pin from PC Power Supply)

19.00 (USD)
15.00 (EURO) excl. VAT

For further information & images regarding this product, please visit our website at:

Kama Bay 5.25inch Speaker Product Page (English)

Kama Bay 5.25inch Speaker Product Page (German)

Kama Bay 5.25inch Speaker High Resolution Images (FTP)

Should you have any questions or require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Scythe for further information.

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