Mugen 2 CPU cooler


Long expected and now finally here: Scythe Mugen 2 CPU cooler is the consistent further development of the award-winning Mugen CPU cooler. Several features make this cooler the perfect solution for silent users and overclockers! In a nearly 1-year development period, the concept of Mugen was completely revised and further developed. Mugen 2 is on the latest state of technology and was produced using highest Japanese quality standards.


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Model Name:
Mugen 2 CPU Cooler

Model Number.:

Scythe Co., Ltd. Japan

Socket 478
Socket T / LGA775
Socket LGA1366

Socket 754
Socket 939
Socket AM2
Socket AM2+
Socket AM3
Socket AM3+
Socket FM1
Socket FM2

Socket FM2+
Socket 940

Combined Dimensions:
130 x 100 x 158 mm / 5.12 x 3.94 x 6.22 in

Fan Dimensions:
120 x 120 x 25 mm / 4.72 x 4.72 x 25 in

Noise Level:
0 - 26.50 dBA

Air Flow:
0 - 74.25 CFM = 0 - 126 m³/h

Fan Speed:
0(+200 rpm) - 1,300 rpm(±10%)

870 g / 30.69 oz

Material of Base Plate:
Nickel-plated copper (more information)


F.M.S.B. (Flip Mount Super Back-Plate)
The newly developed F.M.S.B. (Flip Mount Super Back-Plate) both improves the compatibility and mounting of the cooler with the motherboard. With this system, a solution was developed which is not using push pins but is instead based on a Back Plate/screws mounting set. Of course, Mugen 2 is compatible with all the current sockets, including the new Intel Socket LGA1366.

Multi Fan Mount Structure
As with the former Mugen it is possible to mount the supplied fan in four different directions. By this, the user can arrange the air flow to the circumstances of his deployment area. Furthermore, a maximum of 4 fans be installed, the needed fan clips have to be bought separately.

M.A.P.S. (Multiple Airflow Pass-Through Structure)
The newly developed M.A.P.S. (Multiple Airflow pass-through structure) is a completely new fin structure, where the airflow generated by the Scythe Slip Stream 120 mm PWM fan can be used perfectly.