Ergo Diver Tastatur


Ergo Diver Tastatur

EK01-BK EK01 Schwarz
EK01-WH EK01 Weiß

Scythe Co., Ltd.


Layout Style:
QWERTY Layout mit einigen speziellen Features für optimiertes Game-Play und Linkshänder.


295mm x 145mm x 25mm



Optimized for Game-playing Performance:
The ErgoDiver is specially designed by gamers for gamers seeking to optimize their game-playing performance. The split-design board is built around the WASD/ESPF design favored by FPS/MMORPG games and is further optimized for left hand-only operation - leaving your free hand to continuously maneuver your mouse or joystick.

WASD-based Design:
Frequently used keys (Esc, Tab, Caps, Ctrl, tilde and Alt) are all arranged around the arrow/cursor keys and are within easy range of the home position.

Great for Gamers, Graphic Artists and Designers:
The ErgoDiver is also sensibly designed for computer-aided designers (CAD), graphic artist and photographers who need to seamlessly manipulate their mouse or drawing tablet while continuing to operate critical PC functions through their keyboard.

Additional Features:
Ergonomic layout

The split-design enables endless hours of comfortable game play with greatly reduced chance of repetitive stress injury.

Lightweight Design
At less than [8 ounces (530 mg)] the ErgoDiver won't break your back when you lug it to LAN parties.

Micro-size Foot Print
he compact dimensions of the ErgoDiver rests easily in your lap or in any confined space. Eliminating the numeric keypad and other redundant keys, the ErgoDiver's 84-key board layout radically conserves space-leaving more desk space for your optical mouse pad, joystick, writing tablet or other input device.

Easily Accessible Function Keys
Compared to most keyboards that place the function keys way out of reach, the ErgoDiver has all 12 function keys within close proximity of the home position - no more reaching out to function keys in the boondocks.

LED-Illumined Key Indicators
Ever been confused about whether Caps was locked or not? The ErgoDiver eliminates this confusion so you can concentrate on the critical task at hand; a blue LED continuously indicates the status of both Caps Lock and Scroll Lock.