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Scythe Susanoo–NEW Top-Flow Giant

Oststeinbek, 19th. April 2010: The Japanese manufacturer Scythe Co. Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) officially announces the availability of new high-end Top-Flow CPU Cooler Susanoo. Unlike regular coolers, the effect is not limited to the CPU but also the motherboard, memory and graphics card are cooled effectively.

The Susanoo CPU Cooler isequipped with a total of twelve 6mm heat pipes arranged in two rows and a massive heatsink devided into two segments. Six heat pipes directly attached to the nickel-plated base plate absorb the primary heat from the built-in CPU and led to the larger of the two heatsink segments. The remaining heat is absorbed by the second row, also consisting of six heat pipes and led into the secondary cooling block. Active cooling is archived by four 100mm fans at a speed of 500 rpm (± 30%) ~ 2,000 rpm (± 10%), generating an air flow of 50.05 CFM = 85.03 ~ 200.21 ~ 340 14 m³ / h at a noise level of 9.42 ~ 37.69 dBA. An included fan controller allows the user to adjust the fans from silent operation to high performance.

Due to the W.A.M.S. (Wide Area Multi Fan system) all components surrounding the CPU on the mainboard are also actively cooled. Usage of the Susanoo significantly lowers the temperature of the MOSFETs, North Bridge, RAM and VGA card. Because of this effective cooling in conjunction with the high performance in the CPU field, the Susanoo is the ideal platform for overclocking projects.

For safe and stable attachment to the motherboard uses the Susanoo an improved version of the reliable F.M.S.B. 3 Back-plate system (Super Flip Mount Back-Plate 3). This mounting system can be used on all current AMD and Intel platform and provides full compatibility with new Sandy Bridge Boards. Due to the heavy weight an additional case fastening is recommended.
The Scythe Susanoo CPU Cooler is now available in stores at a price of 75.5 EUR excluding VAT.

Model Name:
Susanoo CPU Cooler


Scythe Co., Ltd. Japan

Sockel T / LGA775
Socket LGA1155
Socket LGA1156
Socket LGA1366

Sockel 754
Sockel 939
Sockel AM2
Sockel AM2+
Sockel AM3
Sockel 940

Dimensions including Fans:
210 x 210 x 160 mm / 8.27 x 8.27 x 6.30 in

Fan Dimensions:
100 x 100 x 25 mm / 3,94 x 3.94 x 0.98 in (4 pieces)

Fan Speed:
500 upm (±30%) ~ 2,000 upm(±10%)

Noise Level:
9,42 ~ 37,69 dBA

50,05 ~ 200,21 CFM = 85,03 ~ 340,14 m³/h

Weight including Fan:
1565 g


Susanoo Productsite

Susanoo Datasheet (PDF)

Susanoo high resolution Image


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