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Scythe Stronger - brand-new PSU Series

Japanese cooling specialist Scythe Co. Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) presents under the name of "Stronger" its  new power supply series.  These power supplies are now available with an output of 500 W, 600 W and 700 W both as a plug-in version with cable management for comfort, as well as a standard version with sleeved mesh cables.

The Stronger power supplies meet the 80Plus certification (at 20/50/100% load) and are based on an updated version of the proven technology that was already used in the Kamariki 4 series. In design terms, the Stronger series is also admirable. Simple yet stylish, matt black finish fits perfectly into the overall visual image of most PC cases.  The 45 to 55 cm long cable strands of the plug-in, as well as the standard version are completely encased in durable, black mesh tube.

For cooling, a controlled 140 mm fan from the proven Scythe Slip Stream series is used. In addition, users have the option to connect two case fans directly to the power supply.  These fans are then individually controlled by an integrated, intelligent fan controller according to the load and the temperature of the PSU.  At the back of the power supply, a special honeycomb structure ensures optimum air flow. Furthermore, three-year warranty is granted by Scythe on the new Stronger series.

Scythe Stronger power supply series is now available for the following MSRP:
Stronger 500 W Plug-in: 58,40 EUR (excluding VAT) / US$ 75.00 (excluding TAX)
Stronger 600 W Plug-in: 75,00 EUR (excluding VAT) / US$ 97.00 (excluding TAX)
Stronger 700 W Plug-in: 83,50 EUR (excluding VAT) / US$ 108.00 (excluding TAX)
Stronger 500 W: 50,00 EUR (excluding VAT) / US$ 65.00 (excluding TAX)
Stronger 600W: 58,40 EUR (excluding VAT) / US$ 75.00 (excluding TAX)
Stronger 700W: 75,20 EUR (excluding VAT) / US$ 98.00 (excluding TAX)


Model Name & Model Number:
Stronger 500 W Plug-In (SPSN-050P)
Stronger 600 W Plug-In (SPSN-060P)
Stronger 700 W Plug-In (SPSN-070P)
Stronger 500 W (SPSN-050)
Stronger 600 W (SPSN-060)
Stronger 700 W (SPSN-070)

150 × 160 × 86 mm / 5.91 × 6.3 × 3.39 in (W×D×H)

Scythe Slip Stream 140 mm Fan
- max. 1,200 rpm (500 W)
- max. 1,250 rpm (600 W)
- max. 1,350 rpm (700 W)

Noise Level:
9.6 – 23.2 dBA (500 W)
10.1 – 24.2 dBA (600 W)
10.5 – 27.9 dBA (700 W)

Cable Lengths:
45 – 55 cm Mesh-Type cables

500/600 W Version: 1 x ATX Main, 1 x EPS 12V, 2 × PCI-Express, 2 × Floppy, 6 x Drives (4-Pin Molex), 8 × Serial ATA, 2 × Fans
700 W Version: 1 x ATX Main, 1 x EPS 12V, 4 × PCI-Express, 2 × Floppy, 8 x Drives (4-Pin Molex), 10 × Serial ATA, 2 × Fans

80% Efficiency at 20/50/100% system load (

Overcurrent Protection (OCP), Overvoltage Protection (UVP), Overpower (Overload) Protection (OPP), Short Circuit Protection (SCP), Undervoltage Protection (UVP), Overtemperature Protection (OTP)

ATX 12V Version 2.3, EPS 12V

2.2 kg / 77.6 oz. (w/o accessory)

3 Years


Stronger Plug-in Product Page

Stronger Product Page

Stronger Plug-in Data Sheet (PDF)

Stronger Data Sheet (PDF)

Stronger Plug-in high.-res. images


Stronger high.-res. images


If you have questions or need more information, please contact us via phone or e-mail.


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