Press Release

Scythe announces compatibility to AMD® sockets FM1 and AM3+

Japanese cooling expert Scythe is officially confirming the compatibility between its own CPU Coolers and new sockets FM1 and AM3+. Product Development in the IT Industry is constantly evolving and in some cases implies new interfaces as well as sockets.

Brand new Mainboards for AMD® A Processor Series are available on the market since a couple days. In order to assure a safe operation a proper CPU-Cooler is required, where Scythe is offering a wide spectrum of products suiting everyone’s requirements. All current Scythe CPU Coolers models are therefore already compatible to the new to AMD® sockets FM1 and AM3+. Users can either utilize the Scythe CPU Coolers they own or get a new CPU Cooler from the shops as no extra clips or mounting kits are required.

Following Scythe CPU Coolers are compatible AMD® socket FM1 and AM3+:
Susanoo, Mugen 3, Mine 2, Yasya, Rasetsu, Ninja 3, Grand Kama Cross, Mugen 2 Rev. B, Samurai ZZ, BIG Shuriken, Shuriken Rev. B, Kozuti, Katana 3, Katana 3 Type A