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New entry-level versions of Katana 3 CPU CoolerKatana

Scythe Group is announcing two new entry-level versions of Katana 3 CPU Cooler. Both new models are offered at a lower price, and are equipped with dedicated mounting bracket and thermal grease. Katana 3 „Type A“ (SCKTN-3000A) is compatible to AMD® socket 754, 939, 940, AM2(+), AM3 whereas „Type I“ (SCKTN-3000I) is compatible to Intel® socket 775, 1156 and 1366.

Katana 3 TYPE A & I CPU Cooler is equipped with a genuine Scythe 92 mm fan which supports the PWM feature for flexible fan control by motherboard. Fan speed can be adjusted between 300 to 2,500 rpm which provides airflow of 12 to 95 m³/h respectively 6.7 to 55.55 CFM.  By adopting the S.P.S. (Slant Pipe Structure), generated airflow is furthermore effectively used to cool various components such as RAM, Chipset as well as Voltage Regulators.

By adopting the Fast-Phase Structure, the additional fin structure on the Katana 3 TYPE A & I CPU Cooler base is used to improve the heat dissipation. Supplied clips allow users to mount Katana 3 CPU TYPE A & I CPU Cooler within a few minutes without removing the motherboard.  Improved slide Push-Pin mounting brackets can be used for socket 775, 1156 as well as 1366 with just a single socket clip.

Katana 3 „Type A“ (SCKTN-3000A) as well as „Type I“ (SCKTN-3000I) are available for 14,75 EUR (MSRP,exc. VAT) or 28.00 USD (MSRP,exc. TAX).


Katana 3 Type I Product Page

Katana 3 Type I high resolution pictures

Katana 3 Type A Product Page

Katana 3 Type A high resolution pictures


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