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Gentle Typhoon High RPM: If pure performance is required

Scythe Co. Ltd. extends the popular Gentle Typhoon fan series by three powerful high RPM models. The new Gentle Typhoon High RPM fans are available with 3.000, 4.250 and 5.400 rpm. These high fan speeds generate an incredible airflow of 141, 197 and 255 m³ per hour (83.0 / 116.5 / 150.1 CFM).

In direct comparison to fans with similar specs, the Gentle Typhoon High RPM series scores with a significant lower noise. Like the normal GT models, a perfectly balanced Nidec Servo bearing is used, ensuring an average MTBF of 100.000 hours. The reliable motor operates with an almost fluctuation-free rotational torque. Vibrations transferred from the motor to the venturi (fan case) are reduced to a minimum.

In addition, the fan blades of the Gentle Typhoon High RPM series are equipped with a stabilizing ring. In this way, the air flow is more focused which results in a higher cooling performance. At the same time the stabilization effect further helps to reduce vibrations.

The Gentle Typhoon High RPM series is now available for € 16 excluding VAT.


Model Name:
GentleTyphoon 120 mm High Speed Fan Series

Model Name:
D1225C12B7AP-29 (3,000 rpm)
D1225C12B9AP-30 (4,250 rpm)
D1225C12BBAP-31 (5,400 rpm)

Nidec Servo Corporation (Japan)

205 g / 7.23 oz

120 x 120 x 25 mm / 4.72 x 4.72 x 0.98 in

Fan Speed:
3,000 rpm / 4,250 rpm / 5,400 rpm

Noise Level:
36.5 dBA / 44.0dBA / 50.5dBA

83.0 CFM = 141 m³/h
116.5 CFM = 198 m³/h
150.1 CFM = 255 m³/h

Power Consumption:
2.64 W / 6.72 W / 13.68 W

Rated Current:
0.22 A / 0.56 A / 1.14 A

Starting Current:
0.97 A / 1.35 A / 2.69 A

12 V (DC)

Operating Voltage:
10.2 to 13.8 V

Double Ball Bearing

4-Pin Molex Connector with additional 3-Pin Fan Speed Signal Connector

Cable Length:
30 cm / 11.81 inch

100.000 h / 35°C or 60.000 h / 60°C

4x Mounting Screw


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