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path 09-19-2009 05:15 PM

Scythe Zipang - Fan Problems
I have recently installed the Scythe Zipang on an AMD Phenom II X4 955 / Gigabyte MA790FXT-UD5P System. I am using a Coolermaster Silent Pro M600 for power supply.

Generally, the cooler works fine. However the following problem occurred: From time to time the fan of the Zipang is not moving while when the computer starts up (mostly after beeing turned of over night). I have to open the case and rotate the fan a little bit manually. After closing the case and restarting the system, the fan is rotating normally. Haven't had those problems with the original AMD Cooler.

Opening the case each time gets a bit dull. Help is therefore very much appreciated.

Jeroen1000 09-20-2009 10:46 AM

No solution yet, but I strongly believe I have got the same problem Path has.

When the computer has been off for a while (I don't know for how long it has to be off exactly, but overnight is a sure winner) the fan does not spin up immediately when pressing the power button. Sometimes, but not always, I can see it move just a little. Then, after about 10 seconds (when the BIOS scans the DVD-drives) the fan finally spins up.

This often results in a CPU-fan error message. Even then the fan does not spin at the RPM is it supposed to spin. It takes quite some time (over 10 minutes) before it spins at its correct RPM. Not very convenient if you are using Speedfan.
The funny thing is, that it does seem to spin up immediately when you power off the computer, and then power it on again after a few minutes.

I hope someone can help us.

Okiwana Okimoto 09-22-2009 03:39 PM


both use PWM may be ? The Cooler is ok and the fan too. The PWM control change the speed from the fans. If the CPU is cold for example you boot/start the pc the fan will not rotate or it rotate with really low rpm. When the CPU works and the load will be higher, than the fan will rotate with more rpm. Warning can changed in bios. Most times it's ok if you ignore the fan control (PWM) and when you get the error, than disable the option Configuration Hold on F1 Error. Search it and you will be happy.

I hope this will help you ;)

Jeroen1000 09-22-2009 08:17 PM

Hi mr Okimoto, are you saying the Zipang has an onboard temp. sensor and can adjust its fan speed? The motherboard provides the Zipang with 12 volts so it should spin equally fast at all times, shouldn't it?

Could you please clarify what you mean by 'both use PWM'?

Oli 09-23-2009 06:30 AM

No, he means that PWM also allows the fan to be turned OFF completely if the CPU is just cold. Not Zipang has a sensor but your board. Both support PWM regulation method (fan+board) and the board measures the CPU temp so the it adjusts the rpm accordingly.

The fan will only spin with full speed all the time if you connect it with an adapter directly to the PSU. But as long as PWM control by the board is used the whole rpm range will be used.

Jeroen1000 09-23-2009 06:53 PM

So, theoretically, if I set the motherboards 3-pin voltage control to DC instead of PWM (I don't know which of both would be the standard setting) I would have full speed too?

I actually have turned off all voltage control assuming the board would output 12V at all times, but perhaps the board isn't playing fair:glare:

But, wait a minute, shouldn't PWM fans have 4 wires? The third wire on the Zipang is there so the board can read its RPM. and there isn't a 4th. May I ask you to explain this a little further please?

Oli 09-24-2009 08:16 AM

You are completely right so forget about PWM and switch it off in BIOS. The stock Zipang fan runs with 1.000 rpm (+/- 10%) all the time.

This fan can't be regulated by PWM method. Sorry for the chaos. You could then connect it directly to the PSU which will deliver 12V if you don't need the rpm sginal.

Jeroen1000 09-24-2009 07:24 PM

Funnily enough I appear to be both wrong and right. It seems (I'm not really 100% sure here) the PWM circuitry can be moved from the fan to the motherboard, allowing all(?) fans to be controlled via PWM.

Ugh, computer stuff must always be confusing. I'll keep posting my experiences and research on this. My curiosity has been sparked:)

Oli 09-24-2009 07:49 PM

If you want other fans to be controlled by PWM although your board only offers one 4-pin PWM fan connector you need to use a splitter cable (PWM-Y-cable) or a system like the one Arctic Cooling offers where you can chain fans.

Jeroen1000 09-25-2009 04:04 PM

Actually, what I meant was that all fans (even 2 and 3 wire fans) can be PWM controlled IF the circuitry is present on the mainboard.

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