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Default Question about Kaze Maru

I am choosing fan for my pc's chassis. I have dust filters and 120-140mm mounting places. So i think Scythe Kaze Maru is good choice for me. But i have a question about it. I think that static pressure is important here, as i use dust filters, so my question is what is Kaze Maru's static pressure? I have looked everywhere but i couldn't get any answer. If you will not be able to give me numbers, may be you can tell me if its pressure is lower or higher compared to Slip Stream and S-Flex for example?
Thank you!
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normally dust filters are placed in front of the fan and the pressure works behind the fan. Dust filters have a influence on the static pressure but the realationship is an other you maybe think. Dust filters limit the air the fan can suck and that means less air for same rpm lower pressure (same for every fan). But if you use it as casefan static pressure is not that important. If we talk about pressure, the Kaze Maru is more like Slip Stream fans.

Cheers Chris

PS: If my physical brain is totaly wrong, please tell me.
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Hello Chris.
Thank you! Then i will just try using fans with maximum airflow, like Slip Stream, and i should not really consider using fans with more static pressure, right?
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Not as case fan. Use fans with high static pressure for water cooling or cpu cooler - where air needs to be pushed through fine structures.
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