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Official Scythe Forum Rules

Welcome to Scythe Forum.

This forum is prepared for users to freely discuss and get support for Scythe products as well as other manufacturers products to simply make your PC life enjoyable and exciting. Posts, messages, and opinions in this forum belong to the respective user, and there is no relation to Scythe company or a moderator.

Please respect other members on this forum, and the forum is moderated by Scythe or 3rd party moderators to provide a comfortable space for every visitors and members to freely use the forum. Please carefully read the following rules and conditions before registering to this forum. Abuse or disrespect to the guideline would not be tolerated, and Scythe has the right to ban the abusing member from this forum.

1. Disclaimer
Scythe will try their best to answer any questions posted on the forum, but it is not guaranteed that the answer will be arranged in timely manner or precise way due to the large volume of messages from users. If you require a support for Scythe items, it is the best practice to contact the scythe support team at: Scythe EU GmbH
Please note that this forum is created for users to user to get support or exchange ideas.

2. No Use of Bad Language
Users in the forum are expected to treat others in a good way and shall possess a respective manner towards other members. Inappropriate word would be edited or deleted by the moderator.

3. No Illegal Material or Suggestions
Posting or linking any illegal materials or suggestions (such as pornography or considered as illegal in general) are strictly prohibited, and such posts or links will be immediately removed by the moderator.

4. No Attacks, Abuse or Insult
No abuse, attacks or insult towards other members are not tolerated, and warning will be given for such users. If warnings are not respected, the 3 strike rules will apply (any users with 3 warnings will lose the membership from the forum).

5. Appropriateness & No Duplication
It is advised that users should post the message in the most appropriate section of the forum with the most appropriate title to convey the message and expect the support. Please do not post the same message repeatedly if you do not get any response or help. This forum is not made to guarantee an answer for your posting.

6. No Promotion, No Spam, No Recruitment
Please do not use this forum to promote items/services. No spamming is allowed from this forum, and recruitment is not allowed.

7. Signatures, Avatars and Images
Please limit your avatars, images and signature as following.
* Max. avatar size: 125x125px
* Max. signature size: 450x130px or 7 Lines
* Max. image size inside threads: 640x480px
* No Hotlinks

8. Copyright and Trademarks
Copyright and trademark protected images, logos, names and text need to be indicated as such. All trademarks and registered trademarks not explicitly mentioned here are the properties of their respective owners.

Scythe reserves the right to edit, cancel, delete and moderate the forum in order to keep a friendly and useful forum environment for every users. Should you have any questions or require our attention, please e-mail to Scythe EU GmbH

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