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Default AM4 Compatibility List

Many of the Scythe CPU Coolers are already compatible to the new socket AM4. The models, that are using the AMD retention module with out a back plate, are ready to be used with Ryzen™ CPU and socket AM4:
Katana 4 (SCKTN-4000)
Katana 3 (SCKTN-3000A)
Kabuto 3 (SCKBT-3000)
Shuriken Rev. B (SCSK-1100)
Tatsumi “A” (SCTTM-1000A)
Byakko (SCBYK-1000)
Iori (SCIOR-1000)
Discontinued models compatible to AM4:
Kabuto, Kabuto 2, Mugen 1 (SCINF-1000), Samurai ZZ (Rev.B), Grand Kama Cross (Rev.B), Yasya, Rasetsu, BIG Shuriken(SCBSK-1000), Ninja Mini (Rev. B), Kama Angle (Rev. B), Ninja 2 (Rev.B), Ninja Mini(Rev.B), Zipang, Zipang 2, Kama Cross (SCKC-1000), Katana 2, Mine Rev. B, Orochi(SCORC-1000), Ninja Plus Rev.B, Ninja CU.

Scythe EU GmbH offers the AM4 upgrade kit firstly for Mugen 5, which is based on the latest HPMS II mounting system. In order to receive one of the free AM4 upgrade kits, users just need to contact the Scythe EU GmbH Support Team and to supply the invoice of the purchased Mugen 5 along with proof of purchase of an AM4 motherboard or the Ryzen™ CPU. The HPMS II AM4 upgrade kits are ready to be shipped to customers from Europe.

In addition to that, the more recent CPU Coolers using the first generation of HPMS mounting system can also be upgraded thanks to a new AM4 mounting kit. The kit is ready to be ordered directly from Scythe EU GmbH Support Team for 3,99€ including shipping cost. Shipment of these kits is expected to role out in March or April 2017. The following list shows CPU coolers with first generation HPMS mounting system that can be upgraded to socket AM4 using the new kits:
• Mugen 4 (SCMG-4000) / Mugen 4 PCGH (SCMG-4PCGH)
• Kotetsu (SCKTT-1000)
• Ninja 4 (SCNJ-4000)
• Grand Kama Cross 3 (SCGKC-3000)
• Grand Kama Cross 2 (SCKC-3000)
• Fuma: (SCFM-1000)
• Mugen Max (SCMGD-1000)
• Ashura (SCASR-1000)

Following models are not compatible to socket AM4. For these coolers will not be available a conversion kit for AM4:
Mugen 2(Rev.B), Mugen 3(Rev.B), Ninja 3(Rev.B), Big Shuriken 2(Rev.B), Kozuti, Kodati, Mine 2, Susanoo, Orochi Rev.B.

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What about Grand Kama Cross 2 (SCKC 3000)? Is it compatible with AM4 or not? I'm asking, because It's not listed there and I have no idea if I need to buy a new cooler
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Hi CryZen,

Sorry for incomplete information, we will correct the list.

The Grand Kama Cross 2 (SCKC-3000) has the same mounting system as Grand kama Cross 3 (SCGKC-3000), so it needs the same AM4 kit. The kit can be ordered from us directly.
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Default SCNJ-1000 work with AM4?

Hi Sansay,

I have used a Ninja CPU cooler more than 10 years, and i love it. It's the first version of ninja series. I think it's the Ninja 4 (SCNJ-1000). Now I changed to AMD Rysen procesor and i woud like to use my old friend Ninja. If I bought the AM4 mounting kit will it work with my Ninja?
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Hi K21,

Unfortunately, there is no way to mount the Ninja 1 (SCNJ-1000) on the socket AM4. Sorry.
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