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Dude 09-12-2008 01:33 PM

Scythe+ KingRex PSU+JB3+Pioneer DV310s
At long last my Scythe Kama amp arrived, after a long hard ardous journey.

I have been eyeing a digital amp for a long time to complete a desktop audio system. The flood of T amps, powered by the Tripath chip, did not interest me, due mainly to the high cost and the sonic nature of the tripath sound, which just ain't my cup of tea.

I had narrowed down the choice of speakers to the Full Ranger JohnBlue JB3s, no less after being tempted by your DIY Fostex. Well, not being handy, I decided against DIY. With its 87db sensitivity, I reckon it will be easy on the Scythe Kama Bay.

6moons audio reviews: JohnBlue Audio Art JB3

Having read the several reviews on the Scythe Kama Bay amp, I was particulary aware that its heart is a Yamaha Chip and its powered by a 12v switching supply.I was wondering if a better power supply will enhance the performance of the Kama Bay amp, bringing it to the next level while eliminating the potential noise that the stock power supply might induce.

To cut a long story short, I settled on the KingRex PSU. Its a perfect match from output voltage to the DC cable for the Scythe

Listening Impressions:

Stock PSU+ Kama Bay+ JB3+PioneerDv310s.

Norah Jones CD, Track "Turn Me On"

Right out of the box and with Scythe stone cold, but geez, I was well floored!!!!! Air, separation, details and bass. The music flowed smoothly. None of the cold clinical sound of Tamps, but claity and depth.
You can almost picture her mouth the lyrics.

Guns & Roses CD, Track "Sweet Child Of Mine"

Time to torture the tiny Scythe and up the speed.
Hmm....., Slash's guitar sounded a tad slow, and the soundstage muffled. Bass though remained and there was slam:weee:. Not bad. Perhaps, the recording was compressed:huh:?

KingRex PSU+ Kama Bay+ JB3+PioneerDv310s


Enter the KingRex. Lo and behold! The Scythe became a beast unleashed!!!!!!

The entire frequency range took on a new dimension. Sweet highs, crystal mids and the lower octaves registered with ooomph, kick and authority.

Soundstage became 3 dimensional and man, humongously EXPANSIVE:laugh:.She was on steriods! Yippeee yippee aye aye!

There was ample reserves at each volume position. So much so that with the hot rodded PSU, I had to back her down

Yeah and Slash woked up and stoked the guitar with renewed vigour and grunge! And did I say Norah Jones became so seeeeeeeeeeeductive and sultry?

As I write now, I am dusting my CD collection and rediscovering my music.

Thanks to you guys at Scythe, I now have my own, err, to borrow from 6moons, miniature reference system. Perhaps with more burn intime and a change to better speaker cables and interconnects, I may just squeeze out more from the Scythe Kama Bay, as of now, I'm happy as a Lark :D

hiroshige 09-12-2008 02:29 PM

Wow! Thanks a lot for the PictureS!!

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