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aleister 12-07-2009 09:17 AM

Kaze Server Fans are buzzing
Im very happy so far with my new Kaze Server 5,25" Fan Control.

But i have one big Problem. The Fan Controller causes a buzzing Noise from the Fan "Engine" (its 100% not the Air Flow Noise or something else)
Ive tested different Fans (Scythe S.Flex,Slipstream,YateLoon,Noctua, Noiseblockers...). But its the same Noise.

I can hear it at "all" Fan Speeds/Voltages ...its different from Fan to Fan.
Even when the Fan is silent for a while at a specific Voltage ,it starts again after some Time.
My old Superflower Fan Master doesnt produce this Noise from the Fan Engine

What is the Problem here Maybeteh Controller output a "dirty jumping Voltage" or somewhat? Shouldt i RMA the Controller ?
I hope you can help me

PS. Sorry, my English is not the best

Shinigami 12-07-2009 11:05 AM

Hi aleister,

This sounds very strange. I've not experienced the mentioned noise. Normally fans sometimes give out bearing noise which is caused by lowered voltage, but this is depending on the fan. It could be clicking or grinding noise. This should sound always the same, doesn't matter which fan controller you would use. My guess is that it is not the fan controller, but if you say it is same noise with all fans but it doesn't happen with other fan controllers, then this could be a malfunction and you can RMA it to the shop where you ahve bought it. They will send the item to us afterwards so we will be able to check it then.


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