VGA Chip Heatsinks

The Scythe VGA Chip Heatsinks are ideal for every user, who would like to give some extra-cooling to their VGA-Cards.

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VGA Chip CoolerVGA Chip Cooler


VGA Chip Heatsinks


Package contents:
16 x Large Chip Heatsinks (VRAM)
1 x Heatsink for HSI Chip
4 x Thin Chip Heatsinks
1 x Small Chip Heatsink
1 x Ultra narrow Chip Heatsink


Ideal cooling solution for graphic cards:
The VGA Chip Heatsink-Kit consists of lots of different mini-heatsinks. These can be used to cool down different components of any VGA card. 16 heatsinks for VRAM are included as well as those to be used for the MOSFETs. For nVidia-users, there is a heatsink for cooling the HSI-chip included.

Using different heatsinks sizes, the kit is compatible  for nearly all commercially available VGA cards.  Optimal cooling is realized for VRAM, MOSFETs and voltage converters.

Compatible with Musashi VGA-Cooler:
The heatsinks are compatibel with the Musashi VGA Cooler. Users who lost one or more passive heatsinks can use the VGA Chip Heatsinks for replacement.