Stronger Plug-in Power Supply Unit

New Stronger Power Supply Unit Series is available in 500, 600 and 700 Watt Models. Original Scythe „Slip Stream 140“ fan is build in to provide high airflow at low fan speed. High Airflow compatible  Original PSU Grill was implemented to further optimize the airflow which allows the build-in fan to spin slower. Furthermore Stronger PSU Series is equipped with Intelligent Fan Cable Connecter allowing 2 external fans to be controlled by the PSU. Plug-in version comes with detachable cables (Cable Management) allowing more convenient usages.

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Stronger Plug-in PSUStronger Plug-in PSUStronger Plug-in PSUStronger Plug-in PSUStronger Plug-in PSUStronger Plug-in PSU


Model Name:
Stronger 500 W Plug-in Power Supply
Stronger 600 W Plug-in Power Supply
Stronger 700 W Plug-in Power Supply

Model Number:

150 × 160 × 86 mm / 5.91 × 6.3 × 3.39 in (W×D×H)

Scythe Slip Stream 140 mm Fan
- max. 1,200 rpm (500 W)
- max. 1,250 rpm (600 W)
- max. 1,350 rpm (700 W)

Noise Level:
9.6 – 23.2 dBA (500 W)
10.1 – 24.2 dBA (600 W)
10.5 – 27.9 dBA (700 W)

Cable Lengths:
45 – 55 cm Mesh-Type cables

500/600 W Version: 1 x ATX Main, 1 x EPS 12V, 2 × PCI-Express, 2 × Floppy, 6 x Drives (4-Pin Molex), 8 × Serial ATA, 2 × Fans
700 W Version: 1 x ATX Main, 1 x EPS 12V, 4 × PCI-Express, 2 × Floppy, 8 x Drives (4-Pin Molex), 10 × Serial ATA, 2 × Fans

80% Efficiency at 20/50/100% system load (

Overcurrent Protection (OCP), Overvoltage Protection (UVP), Overpower (Overload) Protection (OPP), Short Circuit Protection (SCP), Undervoltage Protection (UVP), Overtemperature Protection (OTP)

ATX 12V Version 2.3, EPS 12V

2.2 kg / 77.6 oz. (w/o accessory)

3 Years

Fan RPM & Noise (dBA)


Equipped with Slip Stream 140
Stronger Power Supply Unit is equipped with genuine „Slip Stream 140“ fan with small center hub and big fan blades. Thanks to this contraction, higher airflow can be achieved compared to other on-market equivalent fans.

Intelligent Fan Cable Connecter
Fan speed is adjusted based on the actual load applied to the PSU to better optimize the airflow for your PC system.

High Airflow Chassis
Chassis of this PSU is optimized for high airflow to haul out the hot air as well as reduce the fan noise.

80PLUS® Certified
This Power Supply Unit is 80PLUS certified to supply high power efficiency of above 80% at 20, 50 and 100% load.

Convenient Cable Management
Equipped with Plug-in cables to allow convenient use and organized cable management.

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10-08-2010 (Germany)

25-06-2010 AwardFabrik (Germany)

18-06-2010 PC-Experience (Germany)

13-06-2010 DeXgo (Germany)

14-05-2010 Gamers against Rejection (Germany)