Universal Retention Kit


Specifications for Universal Retention Kit

Model Name:


Scythe Co., Ltd. Japan

Package Contains:
Universal Back-Plate for Socket 478/775/754/939/940
Retention Bracket for Socket 775 and Accessory
Copper Spacer for Socket 775
Universal Retention Bracket for Socket 478//754/939/940
Thermal Compound

Features for Universal Retention Kit

Socket 478 CPU Cooler
You can use the Universal Retention Kit for socket 478 CPU cooler, to mount it on socket LGA775. Furthermore it's possible to use a socket 478 CPU cooler to mount it on AMD Athlon 64/Opteron sockets 754/939/940!

Socket 754/939/940
If the original Back-Plate on the back side of the Mainbaords is not compatibel to the CPU cooler, then you could use the Universal Retention Kit to fix it. Due to the incompatibility issue which are quite famous among Athlon 64 sockels 754/939/940 you could adopt the included screws.

Substitution for Scythe CPU Cooler Brackets
In case you lost the original Scythe brackets or screws you could use the Universal Retention Kit as Substitution.


Reviews and Publishment for Universal Retention Kit

Reviews for Universal Retention Kit (June 05, 2007) in German, Gold Award!