Thermal Elixer

Scythe Thermal Elixer creates an optimal heat transfer between GPU / CPU and heatsink. Through the practical tube, users can easily dispense and apply the thermal grease. Compared to the standard Scythe thermal grease included in the Scythe CPU Cooler Package, performance increase can be observed by approximately 5%.

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Thermal Elixer Thermal GreaseThermal Elixer Thermal Grease


Model Name:
Scythe Thermal Elixer Thermal Grease


3.5 g = 0.12 oz. / Tube

Thermal Resistance:
0.032°C / W

Thermal Conductivity:
2.89 W/ (m·K)



For CPU and GPU
Scythe Thermal Elixer can be used both for CPUs as well as for GPUs.

Perfect heat transfer between cooler and GPU / CPU
Scythe Thermal Elixer allows an optimal heat transfer between the CPU / GPU and heatsink.

High performance thermal grease- ideal for Overclockers
Measured at a TPD of 180 W, new Scythe Elixer thermal grease is 5% better than standard Scythe thermal grease.