Scythe Slot Rafter

The Scythe Slot Rafter is a synthetic platform which is placed on a PCI-slot like every normal PCI-card. On the Slot Rafter, you can mount up to four 2,5"-hdds and ssds and two 80mm-fans, whereby empty PCI-slots can be used reasonably. The fans can cool the harddisks or cards like graphiccards installed above or below the Slot Rafter. Mounting fans and harddrives is very easy and does not require any further knowledge. Needed screws are included in the package.

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Slot RafterSlot RafterSlot Rafter


Model Name:
Scythe Slot Rafter

Model Number:
Slot Rafter

195 x 10 x 25 mm / 7.68 x 0.39 x 0.98 in

60 g / 2.12 oz

Compatible Harddrives:
4x 2,5" (HDD/SSD)

Compatible Fans:
2x 80 mm

Package includes:
Installation Guide
Screws for harddrive-mounting (16 pcs.)
Screws for case-mounting (1 pc.)


Use empty PCI-slots reasonably:
With the Slot Rafter, it is possible to utilize single pci-slots for four 2,5"-harddrives as well as two 80mm-fans at the same time. Thus, the empty space in the case is used craftily , e.g. for advanced cooling or up to 2,000 Gb data storage (using four 500Gb-drives).


Individual combinations are possible:
The Slot Rafter can be used in many different ways: As an additional cooling platform with two fans of the highest performance level, as a data-terminal with silent cooling or just as an expansion of the original 2,5"-slots of the case. Since the Slot Rafter is compatible to all capacities and different rpm-levels of harddrives and all kinds of 80mm-fans, a maximum amount of flexibility for the user is guaranteed.

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