LCD Master 5.25"

5.25" LCD Panel for PC Monitoring. Easy Installation 2 Fan Controller. Display WMP9 & MBM Available
in Blue or Green.


Model Name:

Scythe Co., Ltd.

Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP
(Not compatible to Mac OS)

149 x 79 x 43 mm

USB1.1/2.0 (Power Source from USB)

Connector for Fan:
2x3-Pin Fan Connector

Available in Green or Blue LED

Panel Color:
Changeable to Silver, White, or Black


Driver CD is included in the package.


2 Fan Controller
You can set your LCD Master to control up to 2 fans.

Easy Installation
Fit right into your empty 5.25" Bay, and the package includes the driver CD for an easy installation.

LCD Master is made with STN & FSTN Material, which is so much better than the conventional TN material used in most LCD display

Seven Features to Play With!
1. Text Mode

Allows you to show text messages on the LCD panel.

2. Processor
Monitor your CPU clock speed, load, and detailed information of the CPU.

3. Resource
Monitor resource usage (Physical and Virtual Memory and HDD).

4. System
Monitor system information (such as OS, BIOS, Direct X, IE) and Network Status (such as PC Name, Workgroup, IP Address, Gateway).

5. Motherboard Monitor (MBM)
Monitor and display the information from MBM. You can monitor temperature, voltage and fan rpm.

6. Windows Media Player
Monitor and display the information of WMP9 (if WMP9 is installed).

7. LCD Settings
You can choose the sequence to show the above information on your desired rotation.

WMP9 (Windows Media Player 9)
Work with WMP9 to show your favorite music title & equalizer on the LCD panel

MBM (Motherboard Monitor)
Easily connect the LCD Master to your MBM to monitor your PC status

Great Price
Reasonable and Affordable Price

Reviews and Publishment


Whisptech (Oct 30, 2004)