Kaze Station II

Behind the idea of the Kaze Station II lies the desire to have super-easy access to the USB 3.0 connectors of the mainboard without having to strain your body, crawling under the table. Fitted with a direct USB 3.0 connector to the mainboard, the Kaze Station II further sports two more neat additions: An integrated fan controller function allowing the user to adjust two fans independently from each other, plus two audio connectors - one for headphones, the other one for a microphone. All three functions were nicely fitted into the limited space of the 3.5" bay of your case. The Kaze Station II offers the perfect solution for expanding a HTPC with USB 3.0 and fan controllers in the front.


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Kaze Station IIKaze Station IIKaze Station IIKaze Station IIKaze Station IIKaze Station IIKaze Station IIKaze Station II


Model Name:
Kaze Station II

Model Number:

Kaze Station II Dimensions:
102 x 25 x 93mm (4.01 x 0.98 x 3.66 in)

Fan Channels:

Output Voltage:
5 V (±10%) ~ 12 V (±10%)

Output Power:
max. 12W (max. 1A) per fan

2x USB 3.0, microphone, headphones

160 g  (5.64 oz)

Included Accessory:
Extensions for fan connectors (x2), power adaptor, audio cable (HD audio), mounting screws

Kaze Station II Presentation



High quality materials guarantee a long lifespan and reliability of the Kaze Station II.



High Connectivity

The Kaze Station II offers two USB 3.0 ports which are of course compatible with USB 2.0.On top of that, the user has access to a headphone and a microphone port. All of the ports are easily and safely accessable from the front of the PC case.



Integrated Fan Controllers

Two fans with a max of 1 A per each port can be controlled. The 5V to 12V range allows a nicely quiet operation or alternatively max performance action.



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