Kaze Q 3.5" Fan Controller

The Kaze Q Fan Controller allows the independent regulation of 4 fans. The space-saving design allows installation of this unit in 3.5" bays. The application of high-grade, brsuhed aluminium leaves a high quality, visual impression.


Product Pictures

Kaze Q 3.5Kaze Q 3.5Kaze Q 3.5Kaze Q 3.5Kaze Q 3.5Kaze Q 3.5


Model Name:
Kaze Q 3.5"

KQ01-BK-3.5 (Black)
KQ01-SL-3.5 (Silver) End Of Life

102 x 25 x 93 mm | 4.01 x 0.98 x 3.66 in (WxHxD)

Length of Control Dials:
12 mm | 0.47 inch

Voltage Range:
5 V (±10%) - 12 V (±10%)

Fan Channels:
4 (max. 1 Ampere / max. 12 W)

Fan Speed Range:
up to 9,900 rpm

116 g / 4.09 oz

4x Fan Cable, Power Cable, Screws


4-Channel Fan-Controller for 3.5" bay
Using Kaze Q, up to 4 fans can be independently controlled. The super-space-saving design fits perfectly into one 3.5" bay.

Wide Variable Voltage to Control Fans
You can control fans between 5 V – 12 V to meet your needs for system requirement. By setting the voltage to the lowest level can silence your PC or turn it up to the highest to get the maximum cooling performance.

High-quality materials
The front of Kaze Q consists of high-quality brushed aluminum.