Kaze Chrono

The new Kaze Chrono 4-channel fan controller totally ignores the common display concepts by sporting a highly unique, "XL"-size LCD display informing the user of fan rpms, temperature and the time of day (or night, for that matter). Information is conveyed via an easy-to-read, "Tetris-style", light blue display. For PC temperature control, the Kaze Chrono offers 4 sensors with a measuring range of 0° to 100° Celsius.Via a small jumper switch, the user is able to choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit readout. Should the temperature exceed 75°C, or should a fan failure occur, the Kaze Chrono will give an optical as well as acousitc shout for quick intervention. Our newest addition to our fan controller line-up combines a modern, simple design with a number of practical functions for keeping an eye on temperature and fan action.


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Kaze ChronoKaze ChronoKaze ChronoKaze ChronoKaze ChronoKaze ChronoKaze ChronoKaze ChronoKaze ChronoKaze ChronoKaze Chrono


Model Name:
Kaze Chrono

KM07-BK (black)

Dimensions (W x H x D):
148,5 x 42 x 83 mm / 5.82 x 1.65 x 3.26 in

Display Dimensions (W x H):
105 x 30 mm / 4.13 x 1.18 in

DC Input:
5 V or 12 V (From PC Power supply)

Voltage Control Range:
5 V (±10%) ~ 12 V (±10%)

Max Output per Channel:
1 Ampere (= 12W output)

Fan Channels:

Fan Speed Range:
0 ~ 9990 rpm

Temperature Channels:
4 (0 - 100°C / 32 - 199.9°F)

Clock Indication:
12-hour indication with AM / PM

165 g / 5.82 oz

Sensor cable (x6), Fan cable (x4), Power cable (x1), Mounting screws (x4), Installation manual


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Liquid Crystal Display
The Kaze Chrono comes equiped with a large LCD-block-display easily visible from all angles. Background brightness is adjustable in 4 steps, allowing the user to set it according to his /her taste and surrounding environment.



Spin Up Voltage
The adjustable voltage range moves between 5 and 12 volts. As some fans, however, sometimes show a hard time to "get going", they are fed with 12 volts at start-up before settling at the desired, lower value. This function ensures a stable start-up procedure for all connected fans.


Clock Display

The integrated clock function always shows the actual time, as a back-up lithium button cell battery takes care of the "time -keeping" whenever the PC is turned off. This makes the Kaze Chrono an attractive addition especially for HTPCs.


Alarm Function
To prevent overheating, a flashing display combined with a piercing sound signalizes to the user fan failures and exceeding temperature of 75° Celsius.



Power Feed Control
Should the rotational speed of any fan be detected to be 0 for 10 seconds or longer, the power supply to the fan in question will automatically be cut for safety reasons. This minimzes the risk of damage to both the fan and the fan controller.


Jumper Switch for Personal Settings
The Kaze Chrono comes along with two jumper switches for personal settings - one for turning the speaker ON /OFF,  the other one for choosing between Celsius and Fahrenheit display.


Kaze Chrono presentation video