Kama Thermo Wireless

Aim, press Button, read out Temperature - thats, how easy monitoring of PC-temperatures is possible using the Infrared Technology of the new Kama Thermo Wireless.


Model Name:
Kama Thermo Wireless

Model #:
SCKTW - 1000BK (Black)

29.5 x 80.0 x 16 mm (W x H x D)

Temperature Unit:
Celsius / Fahrenheit

Temperature Range:
0~100C / 32~212F

Usage Ambient Temperature:
-10C~50C / 14 ~122F

Response Time:
1 Second

Measurement Accuracy:
+/- 2C

Measurement of Vision Range:
10 / 100mm(D:S=1:1)


Button Lithium Battery CR2302 x 1 or USB

Storage Temperature:

35g (Incl. Battery)



Non-contact measure type (wireless)
Simply click the button to measure the temperature without the contact.  Click and point the object which you want to measure the temperature.

Super potable body
35g! Super light! It fits in your hand, and you can take it with you anytime anywhere

2-Way Power Source
Button Lithium Battery CR2302 is inside. It also can be connected to USB connector to get a power.

Both Celsius to Fahrenheit Ready
Don’t worry about the different temperature unit. It can be easily switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit also other way around.