Kama Thermo 3

The Kama Thermo 3 is an aluminium-made, sturdy and practical little thermometer. Power comes from either a button cell battery, or alternatively via USB. The battery powerded option let's the user freely apply the Kama Thermo 3 wherever required - there's no annoying cable holding one back. If powered via USB, however, a cool, blue backlight for the LED-display lights up. The Kama Thermo 3's function allows it to display two different readings transmitted by the two sensors respectively. Two replaceable sensor cables andthe possibility of choosing between Celsius and Fahrenheit round up the package.


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Kama Thermo 3Kama Thermo 3Kama Thermo 3Kama Thermo 3Kama Thermo 3Kama Thermo 3Kama Thermo 3


Model Name:
Kama Thermo 3


Scythe Co., Ltd.  Japan

53.5 x 30.5 x 20.5 mm

Plastic / Aluminium

Back Light:
None while battey powered / Blue while connected via USB  (USB-cable sold separately)

Power Supply:
Button Cell Battery (Type: CR2032) / USB

Temperature Range:
0~100 °C

Temperature Accuracy:
±1 °C

Temperature Unit:
Celsius / Fahrenheit

Measurement Frequency:
Alle 2 Sekunden

Length of Sensor Cables:
~ 70 cm


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Choice of two Power Sources
The user may choose of feeding the Kama Thermo 3 either from the included battery, or via the USB-port (USB-cable sold separately). Battery operation allows free movement without restrictions.



Blue LED-Backlight
If connected to a USB-source, a stylish, blue backlight delights the eye.




Celsius / Fahrenheit  Selector
On the backside of the Kama Thermo 3, a switch for choosing between Celsius and Fahrenheit-display can be found.




Displaying Different Values
The Kama Thermo 3 is shipped with two sensor cables which are plugged in on the rear. The read, possibly varying values of the two sensors are shown by the Kama Thermo 3 simultaneously in two rows.