Kama Meter

4 Fan Controller, 4 Temperature Monitor, Sound Controller and Display.  Passive Safety Alarm Features are Build-In!


Model Name:
Kama Meter

Model #:

Scythe Co., Ltd. Japan

149x42x75mm (WxHxD)

Front Panel Colors:
3 (Black, Silver, White)

Backlight Colors:
7 & Auto Illumination Mode

Temperature Module Channels:

Temperature Range:
0 ? 90? (32 ? 194F)

Fan Channels:

Maximum fans per Channel:

Maximum current per Channel:
1 Ampere (= max. 12W consumption)


Installation Manual:
Kama Meter Fan Controller Manual (English / French / German)


4 Fan Controller, 4 Temperature Monitor, and Sound Controller
Kama Meter is able to control and monitor up to 4 fans independently, 4 temperatures to meet user’s system requirement.  The sound controller & display is also build-in to connect and play with your sound system.

Passive Safety - Safe Alarm Feature
To safely monitor and run your system, Kama Meter comes with the alarm feature to inform the user in case of fan malfunction.  If the temperature goes below 0?(32F) or above 90?(194F), the LCD panel will blink in red and trigger the alarm.  If the controlled fan speed (rpm) becomes below 400rpm, the LCD panel will blink in yellow and trigger the alarm.

Intelligent Self-Test & Storage
Kama Meter keeps the settings saved by the user in its memory, and also provides the self-testing every time you start the PC.

Selection of 3 Front Panel Colors
Selection of black, silver, and white front panel to match with your case color!