Scythe Fan Clips Type A and B

With the new fan clips, Scythe offers the user to mount a large variety of 120 mm fans onto CPU coolers. Two different versions are available ((type A / type B) to provide optimal flexibility for the selection of fans.

Type A: Compatible with 120 mm fans mit 25 mm thickness with or without tunnel-mounting

Type B:Compatible with 120 mm fans without tunnel-mounting

Product Pictures

Fan Clips Typ A und BFan Clips Typ A und BFan Clips Typ A und BFan Clips Typ A und BFan Clips Typ A und B


1 g / 0.04 oz.


Type A and Type B


Compatible Fans

Type A:
Compatible with 120 mm fans with 25 mm thickness with or without tunnel mountings (compare with Fig.)

Type B:
Compatible with 120 mm Fans without tunnel mountings regardless of the thickness of the fan (compare with Fig.)

Compatible Coolers


SCRT-1000 (Rosetsu CPU Cooler)
SCMG-3000/3100 (Mugen 3 und 3-Rev.B CPU Cooler)
SCMG-3PCGH (Mugen 3-PCGH CPU Cooler)
SCMG-4000/4PCGH (Mugen 4 und 4-PCGH CPU Cooler)
SCNJ-3000/3100 (Ninja 3 und 3-Rev.B CPU Cooler)
SCKBT-1000 (Kabuto-1 CPU Cooler)

Compatible Coolers


SCMN-2000 (Mine 2 CPU Cooler)
SCYS-1000 (Yasya CPU Cooler)
SCASM-1000 (Andy Samurai Master CPU Cooler)
SCMG-2100 (Mugen 2 Rev.B CPU Cooler)
SCMG-2000 (Mugen 2 CPU Cooler)
SCINF-1000 (Mugen 1 / Infinity CPU Cooler)
SCNJ-2000 (Ninja 2 CPU Cooler)
SCNJ-2100 (Ninja 2 Rev. B CPU Cooler)
SCZP-1000 (Zipang CPU Cooler)
SCZP-2000 (Zipang 2 CPU Cooler)
SCORC-1000 (Orochi CPU Cooler)
SCORC-1100 (Orochi Rev. B CPU Cooler)
SCANG-1000 (Kama Angle CPU Cooler)
SCANG-1100 (Kama Angle Rev. B CPU Cooler)
SCNJ-CU1000 (Ninja CU CPU Cooler)
SCNJ-1100P (Ninja Plus Rev.B CPU Cooler)
SCNJ-1000 (Ninja Plus Rev.A CPU Cooler)