Slip Stream 140XT

Slip Stream 140XT

The brand-new Slip Stream 140XT series is following in the footsteps of the well-known Slip Stream family. All award-winning virtues were brought into the project, which was further enhanced by improvements of the proven design optimizing performance without raising the noise level. The frame also underwent major re-designing to smoothen the airflow and received mounting holes for both 120mm and 140mm hole spacing, making it possible to apply the Slip Stream 140XT to a bigger variety of cases. With the included vibration dampeners for 140mm, decoupled mounting is possible.


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Model Name:
Slip Stream 140XT Fan

SM1425XT12SL  (500 rpm)  End of Life
SM1425XT12L    (800 rpm)  End of Life
SM1425XT12M  (1200 rpm)  End of Life
SM1425XT12H  (1700 rpm)  End of Life

140 x 140 x 25 mm / 5,51 x 5,51 x 0,98 in

Fan Speed:
500 rpm / 800 rpm / 1.200 rpm / 1.700 rpm

Noise Level:
9,6 dBA / 14,3 dBA / 23,2 dBA / 36,4 dBA

Air Flow:
27,2 CFM =   46,2 m³/h
43,5 CFM =   73,9 m³/h
65,2 CFM = 110,8 m³/h
92,4 CFM = 156,9 m³/h

Static Pressure
0.175 mmH²O / 1.176 Pa
0.448 mmH²O / 4.39 Pa
1.04 mmH²O / 10.20 Pa
2.32 mmH²O / 22.75 Pa

Operating Voltage:
12 V

0,08 A / 0,10 A / 0,20 A / 0,35 A

Power Input:
0,96 W / 1,2 W / 2,4 W / 4,2 W

185 g / 6,53 oz

3-pin (3 to 4-pin molex-adaptor included)


Sleeve Bearing

30.000 hours

A short presentation video of the Slip Stream 140XT series


High Efficiency
The proven "Small Center Hub & Wide Blade " design was adapted for this line as well, providing this fan with a higher efficiency compared to fans with more common hubs.



Newly Developed Frame
one of the many improvements can be found in the frame design. It was completely re-designed and developed with airflow resistance and minimum turbulence in mind.

Higher Compatibilty
The "dual mounting holes" make it possible to apply the Slip Stream 140XT PWM in both cases with standard 120mm hole spacing as well 140mm hole spacing.


Vibration-Dampening Installation
The included vibration dampeners allow a mechanically decoupled installation of the fan and actively prevent vibration from being conveyed to the PC case.


Fan Hubs

  • Slip Stream 140XT - SM1425XT12SL - 500rpm
  • Slip Stream 140XT - SM1425XT12SL - 800rpm
  • Slip Stream 140XT - SM1425XT12SL - 1200rpm
  • Slip Stream 140XT - SM1425XT12SL - 1700rpm



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