Mini Kaze

Low noise and high performance make this fan the perfect choice for a broad field of application. Due to its' handy size it is particulary utile for limited space environments such as Mini-ITX cases, NAS servers or external HDDs. 3500 rpm provide very high cooling performance at an amazingly low noise level of 14 db(A).

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Mini Kaze 40 mmMini Kaze 40 mmMini Kaze 40 mmMini Kaze 40 mm


Model Name:
Mini Kaze 40 mm Silent Fan

Model Number:

40 x 40 x 10 mm / 1.57 x 1.57 x 0.39 in

Fan Speed:
3,500 rpm (±10%)

Fan Noise:
14.00 dB/A

4.11 CFM = 7 m³/h

Max. air pressure:
2.13 mm H2O

Rated Voltage:
12 V

Rated Current:
0.06 A

2-pin (3-pin adaptor included)
Note: The 2-pin connector (the white portion) comes with this fan is set to be 6 mm width.  3-pin connection is not compatible to read the pulse.

Bearing Type:
Sleeve Bearing

30,000 hours


2-Way Usage
Including 2-pin to 3-pin adaptor, this fan can be versatile for using as a chipset fan, replacement for external HDD case fan, or a replacement fan for removable case.



Tuned for Silent
By setting the fan speed relatively low level at 3,500 rpm, the silent noise level of 14.00 dBA is achieved.




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